Foundation Failure

When a property owner notices cracks in the foundation or interior and exterior walls, it may be a sign of structure settlement.  Settlement can continue over the life of the home and cause substantial damage.  Additionally, exterior wall separations allow moisture intrusions which can quickly destroy framing and wallboard.  These problems can make a house difficult to if not impossible to sell.

SIGNS of foundation failure:

Exterior Wall
Cracks in brick veneer
Separation around doors and windows
Cracks in foundation wall below siding



Interior Wall

Cracks in sheetrock or plaster
Sticking or misaligned doors and windows
Floors sloping
Floor or tile cracks


Chimney rotating out
Separation from house


Settling of a foundation is due to changes in the soils after construction of the home has been completed. In periods of drought soils can dry and shrink, causing settlement of the structure. Periods of heavy rain cause wetting of the soils that cause them to soften resulting in the home sinking into the ground. Finally a home built on poorly compacted fill soils may settle due to the gradual compression of the fill.

THE SOLUTION: Steel Helical Piers
Steel helical piers permanently stabilize your foundation and in many cases bring your home back to level.  The bracket is installed at the footing of the foundation under the grade and will not be visible after installation. Helical piers are installed below active soils so that the home is anchored in stable soils or resting on bedrock. Having a home build on a helical pier system will minimize or be non-existent with cracks and other signs of structural damage. This eliminates future settlement problems, warranty issues, and extends the life of the home. (






empire piers
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Barton Transit Company, Inc. is NOT an engineering firm, if engineering is required, a licensed third-party engineer may be retained.

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